My mission in life is to live the expression of character, both in my personal and business life, so as to make a difference in my life, and in the lives of others by giving, for giving is what I do best, and I can learn to do better. I will seek to learn, for learning is the basis of growth, and growing is the key to living a life of value

I will seek to understand for understanding is the key to finding value, and value is the basis of respect, decision and action, this should be my first act with myself, my loved ones, friends and my business. I want to help influence the future development of people and my business. I want to teach myself my children and others to love and laugh, to learn and grow beyond their current boundaries.

I will build personal, business, and civic relationships by giving frequently in little ways. I see each day as a clean slate, a fresh chance to write a new script and seize new opportunities. I will value life's experiences and seek to learn and grow from each one. In my daily endeavors, I avoid need the risk nor responsibilities, nor do I feel failure only loss opportunities.

I am a responsible person. I give priorities to rolls. I value differences and view them as strength. I seek to build complementary win-win relationships with family friends and business associates to keep these relationships healthy and to maintain a high level of trust. I make daily "deposits" into the emotional banks of myself and others.

Roles & Goals.
In my profession, I am responsible for results. I act with courage, consideration and discretion. I prefer to let my work speak for me, and believe in achieving visibility through productivity. I planning my week, my day, I focus on key roles and goals to maintain balance and perspective, knowing that how I perform affects how I feel about myself and others. I seek to do my best, and record, how I feel in daily entries into my personal Journal.

I value my personal freedom to choose and my right to exercise that freedom. I am more a product of my decisions and conditions. I do not allow present circumstances or conditions to determine my response to the challenges I face. I choose to focus on the positive, to work within my circle of influence, to act directly on the things I can do something about and therefore reduce my circle of concerns.

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